Aim and Scope

Journal of Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science publishes contributions from all areas of cognitive science, focusing on disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to information processing and behaviour analysis. We encourage contributions from the following domains: psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, linguistics, ethology, anthropology and philosophy of mind. The journal covers empirical studies and theoretical reviews that expand our understanding of cognitive, neural, and behavioural mechanisms. Both fundamental and applied studies are welcomed. On occasions, special issues will be covering particular themes, under the editorship of invited experts.

Submission from the related areas of neurosciences, behavioural sciences or cognitive sciences is appropriate for publication.

•           Clinical Neuroscience

•           Cognitive Neuroscience

•           Developmental Neuroscience

•           Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

•           Systems Neuroscience

•           Neural Engineering

•           Neuroimaging

•           Neurolinguistics

•           Theoretical and computational neuroscience

•           Behavioural Science

•           Neurobiology

•           Neurology