Role of Natural Antioxidants in Treatment of Toxicity

Oxidative stress is the generation of reactive oxygen species that lead to a depletion in the antioxidant defense mechanism of the body inducing a lipid peroxidation along with a cell membrane disruption and nucleic acids oxidation and then cell damage. Many studies proved that the mechanism of the toxicity of drugs as well as some other chemicals compounds may be attributed to oxidative stress in the different body organs and systems such as kidney, liver, nervous and cardiovascular system. So, there is growing desire for searching in the use of the natural antioxidants agents in the treatment of toxicity and investigating its mechanism and efficacy. Recently, a lot of natural plants and food supplements have been used as antioxidant agents in the different studies to prevent or treat toxicities in the various body systems that are induced by diverse toxicants. The safety, efficacy and the low price of the natural antioxidant agents in comparison with other therapeutic agents make them an excellent choice in the prevention and treatment of toxicities.

Author(s): Said Elshama, Metwally E Abdalla and Ahmed M Mohamed

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