In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, thereâ??s been a lot of interest in ways to strengthen oneâ??s immune system, and thus build a first line of defense against the deadly virus. Immunity cannot be built up in a day, but the good news is that eating a well-balanced diet and being physically and mentally active is usually enough to keep our immune system in good health. There are however, many natural ingredients are well known in boostingour immunity. Since ancient times, herbs and spices were well known for their medicinal properties, with over 80 spices grown in different parts of the world, particularly in Asia. India is home to several spices that are used extensively in traditional medicine. Since time immemorial, several Ayurvedic potions have been created using a combination of ingredients including spices. Some natural immunity supplements include ginger, gooseberries (amla) and turmeric. Some of these superfoods are common ingredients in Indian dishes and snacks. There are several herbs that help in boosting immunity like garlic, Basil leaves and Black cumin. The health enhancing qualities of spices are endless and so are their applications. Consumption patterns and lifestyles have also changed, thereby encouraging players to rev up their R&D engines and develop a range of nutraceutical products that leverage the manifold benefits of Indian spices.

Author(s): Sunita Singh

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