Relationship between Thyroid Hormone Levels and Crime Type: A Controlled Study in Prisoners

Various factors cause aggression, which can be related to hormone imbalance T3 and T4, which can act as neurotransmitters are reported to be elevated during aggression. Moreover mental and behavioural disorders possibly occur in individuals with impairment in thyroid hormone balance.

Goitre is a common endemic disease in the Mediterranean region. Studies have reported that one out of every five people in Turkey has goitre and around 0.1% of them have toxic goitre.

Owing to toxic goitre, there is also the risk of severe mental and social issues. The main rationale for this study was to assess if high T3, high T4, and low TSH hormones could have an effect on aggression-related crime tendency. Hence, we investigated the association of thyroid hormone levels, pulse rate, TSH, T3/T4 ratio and presence of toxic goitre with crime type in prisoners.

Author(s): Hasan Acar

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