Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes This means that psychologists are interested in?

Psychology is commonly defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. It has existed since the late 19th century,with1879oftenbeinggivenasastartingdatebecause that was when the first psychological research lab was founded. Many schools of thought within the field have come and gone since then; some, like behaviorism,have persisted and evolved if they stood up to scientific study; others, like phrenology, have faded as they have lost credibility. Dualism most commonly refers to Mind–body dualism, a philosophicalviewwhichholdsthatmental phenomenaare, at least in certain respects, not physical phenomena, or that the mindandthebodyaredistinctandseparablefrom oneanother Property dualism, a view in the philosophy of mind and metaphysicswhichholdsthat,althoughtheworldiscomposed of just one kind of substance—the physical kind—there exist two distinct kinds of properties: physical properties and mental properties Cosmological dualism, the theological or spiritual view that there are only two fundamental concepts, such as "good" and"evil",andthatthesetwoconceptsareineveryway opposed to one another Dualism (cybernetics), systems or problems in which an intelligent adversary attempts to exploit the weaknessesof the investigator Dualism (Indian philosophy

Author(s): Daniel Kahneman

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