Pharmacology and Toxicology: Every Ill Can Be Cured By a Pill

Novel drug delivery system gives ŽƉƉŽƌƚƵnŝtiĞƐ for ƐcŝĞntiƐƚƐ to overcome the challenges associated with therapies such as ĂntiŚyƉĞƌƚĞnƐŝǀĞ drug therapy .the major drawbacks in drugs are there short half-life, undesirable ƐŝĚĞͲĞīĞcƚƐ͕ and low bioavailability and permeability. The drawbacks can be overcome by altering the ŬŝnĞticƐ of drugs which leads to the sustainable release of drugs inside the organism these can be further advanced by using nĂnŽƉĂƌticůĞƐ͕ liposomes, microemulsions and encapsulate.

Author(s): Nader G. Abraham

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