Pharmacognostic phytochemical screening study and anthelmenthic activity of nerium oleander leaves

The purpose of this research was to research the
pharmacognostic, preliminary phytochemical screening and
in-vitro anthelmintic activity of Nerium oleander methanolic
‘extract at two separate concentrations (20.50mg/ mi). The
extract was taken against Indian earthworm
PheretimaPosthuma for anthelmintic activity. The tests
were expressed in terms of time necessary for
PheritimaPhosthuma's paralysis and death. Albendazole is
used as a standard control group. Nerium oleander, as
related to a standard control group (Albendazole), displays
greater activity at higher levels. in conclusion, the use of
Nerium oleander leaves as an anthelmintic has been
verified and further research to isolate the active principles
responsible for the behavior is suggested.

Author(s): Y. Navya, L* , Nimisha and K. Ramanjaneyulu

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