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Personalized & precision medicine (ppm) as a model of healthcare services of the next-step generation to secure the national stability and the biosafety


A new systems approach to diseased states and wellness result in a new branch in the healthcare services, namely, personalized medicine (PM). To achieve the implementation of PM concept into the daily practice including clinical cardiology, it is necessary to create a fundamentally new strategy based upon the subclinical recognition of bioindicators (biopredictors and biomarkers) of hidden abnormalities long before the disease clinically manifests itself. Each decisionmaker values the impact of their decision to use PM on their own budget and well-being, which may not necessarily be optimal for society as a whole. It would be extremely useful to integrate data harvesting from different databanks for applications such as prediction and personalization of further treatment to thus provide more tailored measures for the patients and persons-atrisk resulting in improved outcomes whilst securing the healthy state and wellness, re-duced adverse events, and more cost effective use of health care resources. One of the most ad-vanced areas in cardiology is atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and coronary disorders as well as in yocarditis. A lack of medical guidelines has been identified by the majority of responders as the predominant barrier for adoption, indicating a need for the development of best practices and guidelines to support the implementation of PM into the daily practice of cardiologists! Implementation of PM requires a lot before the current model “physicianpatient” could be grad-ually displaced by a new model “medical advisor-healthy person-atrisk”. This is the reason for developing global scientific, clinical, social, and educational projects in the area of PM to elicit the content of The new branch.

Author(s): Sergey Suchkov

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