Periodontitis and diabetes: a two way relationship

Statement of the Problem: Dentists awareness about the bidirectional relationship between diabetes and periodontal health and the role they can play to improve glycemic control is needed. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic debilitating disease that is gaining ground as a global epidemic. Given the potential for severe oral health complications of diabetes and the steady increase in the incidence of the disease, it is crucial to understand the role of dentist in this context Research has documented relationships between diabetes and oral health diseases such as periodontitis. Concerning the effects of diabetes on the periodontium, there is a strong relationship between periodontal health and glycemic control. On one hand, poor glycemic control in patients with diabetes is related to increased severity of periodontal disease On the other hand, severe periodontal disease can result in poor glycemic control and other complications. These relationships have been widely investigated and the consensus is that there is a two-way relationship or bidirectional relationship between these chronic conditions.

Author(s): Hossam Abdelmagyd

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