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Perception of Academics of Medicine on the Methodology of Teaching Applied in the Discipline of Human Anatomy

Studies related to education in anatomy are currently well-targeted in the teaching methodology applied in this discipline. Unfortunately, anatomy teaching is critical because of reduced access to cadaveric material by anatomy departments. Thus, it is necessary to adopt other teaching methods that are independent of cadaveric use during anatomy classes in many institutions of higher education. This article aimed to evaluate the methods most used by anatomy teachers in higher education institutions in Maceió/AL and the contribution of each one in the teaching-learning process of health academics. The students answered a qualitative and quantitative questionnaire (appendix) with questions regarding the materials used during practical classes in the anatomy laboratory, the theoretical and practical methods used during a didactic evaluation, and the student's perception of the methods used and the importance of the anatomy their professional training. The use of the atlas book, written test and rounds on bench tops were the methods most students referred to use during anatomy classes. It is concluded that studies that measure the satisfaction of medical students regarding the use of some methods in the discipline of human anatomy are necessary.

Author(s): Diêgo Lucas Ramos e Silva, Edgard Souza Fernandes Filho, Tássio Gabriel Sampaio Freire, Jéssica Alexandre da Silva, Tatiely de Holanda Barros, Natanael de Oliveira Silva and Fernando Wagner da Silva Ramos

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