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Patient safety climate between nursing professionals in a private hospital of the Federal District

Objective: To measure the patient's safety culture and climate in a private hospital according to the nursing professionals' vision.

Method: Quantitative, exploratory cross-sectional study between June and July 2018 with 313 nursing professionals. The Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ) was used to collect data. In the analysis, the Kruskal-Wallis test was used to compare the groups.

 Results: The institution did not present a score for a favorable climate for patient safety. Significant differences (p <0.001) were identified between the domains: Safety climate, teamwork climate, work satisfaction, perception of stress and perception of unit management.

Conclusion: The SAQ demonstrated fragility for the safety climate and was able to detect significant needs for patient safety, indicating areas that need to be worked at the managerial level to have an impact on the operational sphere.

Author(s): Cris Renata Grou Volpe

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