2020 Conference Announcement on World Pharmacology 2020 Conference scheduled during November 19-20, 2020 at Bali, Indonesia

Immune pharmacology and toxicology deal with the response of the immune system towards the drug consumed for the disease state and as well as the ƌĞĂcƟŽn of toxic materials with the immune complex. This mainly talks about the immunity of individuals towards the drug and toxic substance. Here immune toxicity is induced by xĞnŽbŝŽƟc and drugs and immune competent cells ƌĞĂcƟŽn towards biologics and for the ĚŝīĞƌĞnƚ dosage of drugs (posology). The novel technology is there for immunopharmacological drug development. By combining the ƉŚĂƌmĂcĞƵƟcĂů knowledge and disease state immune therapy is done.

Author(s): Nader G. Abraham

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