Ophthalmic Outcomes Negatively Influenced By The Covid-19 Pandemic In New York City

This observational case series serves to highlight some of the challenges faced by our patients during the COVID surge in New York City at one county hospital. We are now seeing patients whose eventual ophthalmic outcomes were at least partially determined by the pandemic, although their ophthalmic issue was not COVID related. These patients fall into a number of categories. One deferred treatment because of fear of leaving her home, and/or coming to a hospital. Another had semi-emergent surgery postponed, as we had deferred all none emergent surgical cases per DOH recommendations. The third had a known ophthalmic disease, but resisted his usual follow-up schedule until he noted decreased vision for almost 2 weeks. Although not known, it can be surmised our patients may have had more favorable outcomes, had they immediately sought treatment.
Author(s): Minh and Ronni Lieberman  

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