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Medicinal Properties and Phytochemical Analysis of Some Indian Medicinal Plants

The present study was conducted with a view to evaluate the therapeutic potentials of fifteen plant extracts traditionally used against human pathogens. Phytomedicine and herbal drugs are used in health treatment system from olden days. Medicinal plants had been used by different ethnic group, societies and cultures throughout the world since long. Plants are the potential source of medicinal substances which have high pharmacological values and huge utility in healthcare development. Herbal medicines have hugs of prospects in the developing and developed nations for healing different diseases of human beings. Different types of ethnomedicinal plants have several utilities for giving protection from many severe diseases. Plants secondary metabolites are getting huge importance in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, too. Ethnomedicinal plant products are cost-effective and have minimal side effects or toxicity. Plant secondary metabolites are actually used for safeguard mechanism. It gives protection against microbe, viruses, parasites and with other severe diseases and it boosts human immunity, too. It identifies foreign harmful substances and neutralizes them. The current review study deals with those plants that are traditionally used for prevention and healing purposes of several diseases. These medicinal plants are highly available in world with various reported pharmacological properties. This review was done to compile those ethnomedicinal plants which can give protection against various human ailments. This review can be helpful for a large scale of population throughout the world to find out the naturally available prevention and curing agents as well.

Author(s): Sushma Jain

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