Mango Bacterial Black Spot is one the Devastating Diseases of mangoes

Mango bacterial dark spot infection is one of the most pulverizing illnesses of mangoes around the world. The infection was seen in some mango plantations in the Lower Manya and Asuogyaman regions of the Eastern locale and North Tongu area of the Volta district of Ghana. The targets of this investigation were to decide survey rancher's observation and information on pervasiveness, spread and financial significance of the mango bacterial dark spot infection, decide the illness rate and seriousness in mango ranches, evaluate the impact of the sickness on yield/natural product quality, affirm the causal specialist of the flow flare-up of the illness in the examination territory as Xanthomonas campestris pv. mangiferaindicae utilizing morphological qualities, biochemical, physiological and Cpn60 quality and assess some chosen fungicide/bacteriocides for control of the infection in the field. Polls (60) were directed to ranchers who were effectively occupied with mango cultivating in the investigation territories. These were perused out and deciphered to ranchers when vital for clearness. The surveys secured general foundation of the ranchers and their discernment and information concerning cause, significance, spread and control of the sickness. Information gathered were examined utilizing enlightening factual investigation (means and rates). Unhealthy foods grown from the ground were gathered for disengagement and distinguishing proof of the causal creature during the overview study. The infection occurrence and seriousness were resolved utilizing the sickness rating size of 0-5 in the investigation territories where ten mango ranches were arbitrarily chosen from each area for the assessment.  Field preliminary was completed at a business mango plantation in the in the Lower Manya Krobo District to assess fungicides against the causal life form of bacterial dark spot of mango. ID of the causal life form was completed utilizing morphological attributes, biochemical, PCR and quality sequencing was done in Biotechnology research facility, University of Ghana and Inqaba Biotech West Africa Limited at South Africa

Author(s): O.Sam

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