Knowledge, attitude and practice about contraceptive use among female high school students in Southern Ethiopia, 2015

Background: Unwanted pregnancy is associated with high rate of school drop outs, unsafe abortions and related complications. Contraceptive helps tackling these challenges. National data showed that between 8% and 65% of sexually active high school students use at least one contraceptive method during sexual intercourse. Objectives: Assess knowledge, attitude and practice towards contraceptive use in female high school students in Southern Ethiopia. Methods and materials: This study was conducted at Yirgacheffe high school among female high school students from April 8-18, 2015 as a descriptive cross-sectional study with total sample size of 204. Data were collected using a pre-tested structured questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS-20. Frequency calculation and tabulation was done and presented in tables, figures and statements.

Author(s): Megbar Dessalegn

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