Is One Lead Registered Ecg Able to Reflect the Whole Picture of the Main Electrocardiographic Parameters Characteristic for Healthy Patients as well as for Myocardial Ischemia Ones?

Electrocardiograms (ECG) remain the main noninvasive tool that cardiologists use first for examining CAD in clinical practice. Since the invention of cardiograph, the cardiologists following the original Eindhoven construction traditionally have been using 12 lead electrodes kit for registering ECGs. However, together with development of telemedicine the one lead electrode ECG registering is in high demand. The heart, being a self-sustained oscillatory system could be possibly analyzed through studying the Fourier spectrum features of the ECG registered by any of the 12 conventional leads, which remind electricity consumer’s lines going from a central generating power station – the heart. So far, any lead as any electrical line may contain the overwhelming heart dynamic characteristics by analogy with the parameters of the central electric generator.

Author(s): Alexander Shmid, Maxim Novopashin and Andrey Berezin*

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