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In Person v/s computerized counseling with a multilingual interactive software in SUD

Medication Assisted Treatment with Substitution Therapy (Buprenorphine, Methadone) or Antagonist Therapy (Naltrexone) is safe and effective and it is associated decrease in morbidity and mortality associated with Opioid Use disorders. Results are better when patients receive Psychosocial counseling along with MAT. Various studies show results are even better with more intensive counseling. We present two groups of patients. First group of 30 patients using illicit Opioids were detoxified by intensive outpatient regime and they continued with Oral Naltrexone as MAT. Patients received person to person counselling for relapse prevention during weekly clinic visit for first three months and after that every fortnight for next three month. Second group of 30 patients using illicit opioids were detoxified and continued with Naltrexone like first group. This group received relapse prevention counseling by a free Interactive Software, weekly for first three months and every fortnight for next three month. In first group after three months 20 patients tested negative and 2 tested positive for illicit opioid in urine and continued with MAT and 8 relapsed back and stopped MAT. After Six month 16 (54 %) tested negative and 1 positive and continued with MAT and 13 patients relapsed back to illicit opioids. Second group after three months 19 tested negative and 1 positives continued with MAT and 10 relapsed back. After six months 15(50 %) tested negative 1 positive continued with treatment and 14 patients relapsed back. Result of Interactive computerized counseling is comparable to in person counseling. This is especially significant for Primary care centers which offer MAT but have minimum resources for in person counseling.

Author(s): Jaswinder Singh

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