How NFC Drives IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a future of increased in efficiency, productivity, ease of use and speed for businesses and consumers. Industrial machines will alert companies before they fail, traffic jams will be sharply reduced, homes and offices will be more energy-efficient, chronic health conditions will be better managed and treated, and much more.

IoT is such a broad category and people don't know what it means, or what the power is behind it.  One of the technologies well poised to bring the promise of IoT to fruition is Near Field Communication (NFC).

Currently, although many people don’t realize it, NFC technology is in use in things like digital business cards, Prada bags and NFC enabled jerseys. NFC is at work behind the scenes helping connect – and even charge - such as phones, fitness trackers, wireless headphones, and smart home technology. NFC is the technology that 

NFC supports IoT data acquisition by enabling on-demand Internet connectivity, leveraging smartphone interfaces, reducing power consumption, keeping manufacturing costs under control, and minimizing security risks.

This presentation explores a variety of IoT scenarios and how NFC technology plays a role in supporting secure, efficient data acquisition. Attendees will leave the presentation with a clear understanding of IoT data acquisition strategies and these takeaways:

• How IoT data acquisition will benefit businesses and consumers in the future.

• What are the security risks and how can they be mitigated?

• What will the impact be on power consumption and battery life?

• Will the device require a user interface, or could it be controlled via a mobile device?


Author(s): Mike McCamon

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