Global Nursing Education 2020: Healthcare innovation through games - three lessons learnt in video games from a nursing perspective- Anna Sort- ALVUM

I’m a nurse, entrepreneur and gamer. I’ll take the audience through the story of how a nurse that ends up working for one of the biggest video games companies in the world, Blizzard Entertainment, decides to unite her hobby, video games with her passion, caring. I like to start with a game to break the ice, followed by the 3 lessons on how I create systems that turn stress into challenge, with a social factor (relatedness) and making sure the efforts are rewarded. In healthcare we constantly ask people to do thing (eat well, go for long walks…) and stop doing things (adding salt, smoking…) and we’ve been doing it for many years the same way, but it’s not very effective and we know it.

Through my talk, I encourage nurses to see what they can do differently, and evaluate it with other tools to see how effective the intervention can be. With this 3 simple steps to keep in mind, we can design better systems for education and prevention in health. We’ll finish with a Q&A, if possible I like to use SLI.DO to do that so people can ask their questions when they have them, rather than in the end. 

Gamification is the application of "game structure components in non-game settings, for example, training. Gamification relates to the procedures of thoroughly considering game components to take care of issues. The gamification term, genuine game conveys definitions, for example, "the utilization of game standards for the motivations behind learning, ability procurement, and preparing" and "the intentional endeavor to defeat vital impediments." Existing writing is on a very basic level great toward gamification uses, advantages, and results. Instructive game advancements are referred to likewise as gamified learning intercessions, gamified preparing stages, and the previously mentioned genuine games. Computer games, versatile applications, electronic games, and reproduction are instances of game structures or learning models. In social insurance, where mistakes can bring about perilous wounds or death toll, GSIs hold the guarantee of safe conditions for training, accomplishment, appraisal, and adjusting of aptitudes urgent to improve genuine results. Gaming science rules that reinforce logical and frameworks thinking line up with the HSS worldview.

With all the pressure nowadays on healthcare administrators to realign their associations quick and frequently so as to flourish, or even simply endure, maybe what is required is to "play" somewhat more. Genuine play, utilizing demonstrated, knowledge creating Innovation Games®, is perhaps the most ideal ways we have found to help all degrees of staff produce new thoughts and convert them into extraordinary advancements.

For instance, one of our social insurance customers connected with us to help rebrand her emergency clinic. In a period of extraordinary change in the commercial center, senior management needed to establish the hospital's modern identity and find a way to stand out if it was ever going to acquire and then retain market share.

Another client in the health information management field requested that we help rethink her image and reposition it for a changing business condition. Her social insurance customers were rebuilding the whole wellbeing data showcase space âۥ one where she had consistently been a main player. How could her organization hold its status now?

The two cases reflect what numerous human services associations face today. The speed of progress is making an emergency requiring first rate advancement — the front-finish of thought age, yet the back-finish of execution, too. As opposed to proceeding to play out the old normalized schedules, organizations currently need to produce imaginative, inventive outcomes that will draw in and please clients. Presently like never before, it's the ideal opportunity for new, new, smart solutions.

Innovation Games are especially effective at helping medicinal services experts create the germs of thoughts that will in the end exhibit what's going on and generally amazing about their establishment âۥ what separates it from the entirety of different alternatives. This is the thing that will draw in new clients, enchant them and afterward urge them to return.

For our healthcare clients, we regularly utilize a scope of games including: Reverse Assumption Exercises, Story Board, Build a Product Box and Remember the Future. Stories caught through these games lead members to center components of their clinic's image, both as it is today and as it is developing. They likewise uncover their association's character, which will be the essential driver of buyers picking it over other options.

At the point when the games are finished, the "players" have an altogether new vision for their foundation and the beginnings of new administrations and items for their customers. Brace yourself for what I'm about to tell you, it's energizing to watch.

Global and national attention is on improving individual and population health. Population health activities center around improving health outcomes and the distribution of results in some random populace. Basic answers for improve populace wellbeing are non-existent. Financial status, natural exposures, way of life practices, and access to mind are instances of determinants that add to wellbeing results and variations. The World Health Organization, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and National Academy of Medicine are associations calling for precise and network based advancements to improve health systems and address population health.

Health systems require well-trained teams for conveyance of value administrations to viably augment wellbeing results, limit expenses, and address the issues of differing populations. Three Systems thinking, multidisciplinary coordinated effort, and imaginative procedures are fundamental to get ready wellbeing experts for jobs in populace wellbeing. Doctor pioneers and clinical instructors are advancing wellbeing frameworks science (HSS) combination into training and clinical practice as an impetus to improve population health.

Note: This work is partially presented at 22nd Global Nursing Education, Healthcare and Medical Expo” during March 27-28, 2020 at Barcelona, Spain

Author(s): Anna Sort

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