Geriatric depression- An Indian psychosocial perspective

Everyone experiences sadness or depression at times, but these feelings normally pass; severe depression on the other hand is different. It can result in severe symptoms that impair a person's feelings, thoughts, and her ability to carry out daily activities such as sleeping, eating, working, and self-care. It can strike anyone regardless of their age, ethnicity, income, culture, or level of education and intelligence. According to research, genetic, biochemical, environmental, and psychological factors may all have a substantial impact in a person developing depression.This is a presentation that is both descriptive and narrative in nature. This article will begin with a historical overview of Depression, with a special emphasis on Elders. This will further discuss the genesis, different types of depression, and its associated signs and symptoms. This section will discuss the prevalence, risk factors, psychosocial stressors and psychological theories & treatment approaches, and prognosis of geriatric depression in further detail.

Author(s):  R.Kannamma

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