First step in controlling diabetes and its complications: a true understanding of glucoses via GH-Method: math-physical medicine

In this paper, the author analyzes and outlines the physical characteristics of glucose which can be used to understand and predict their moving direction, trend, and magnitude.  Therefore, healthcare professionals can help diabetes patients to control their disease conditions and their complications. Since 5/5/2018, the author utilized both finger-piercing and test strip (Finger) and continuous glucose monitoring devices (Sensor) to collect his glucose data in parallel.  He has collected four glucose data per day via Finger and 75 times via Sensor.  By 10/18/2019, within a total of 532 days, he has collected 46,816 data which include finger glucose, sensor glucose, carbs/sugar intake amount, walking steps, and weather temperature. He then performed various tasks including glucose decomposition, data segmentation, and synthesis analyses by using those collected data to get the following conclusive and useful information.  There is a lot of vital information concealed in glucose.  As long as we learn how to decompose and analyze them, we can examine and reveal many hidden facts and useful hints on how to help diabetes patients to control their condition and its complications.  By truly knowing glucose, this is the very first step in understanding diabetes.  Exercising and lifestyle management are important in controlling this disease; therefore, patients should not immediately accept the belief that taking multiple medications as its only solution.

Author(s): Gerald C. Hsu

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