Evaluation of Iranian Plastic Industries

Plastic products in developing and civilizing countries are growing continuously, in Asia and the Pacific, the consumer demand for non-biodegradable plastics has raised dramatically due to tremendous petroleum storages and economic progresses. Current cluster study of Iranian Plastic Industries (IPI) comprised total inventory of industries and running technologies for each industry and targeted to process and evaluate raw data of IPI. It was employed SPSS Software along with Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to classify around 21 IPI. The obtained findings were revealed the ranks values around 2.88, 3.86, 1.74, 1.52 and 5 for number of employees, power, water and fuel consumed and land area applied using Friedman test analysis. The t-test analysis revealed a significant difference among parameters such as feed, initial feed, employees, power, water, fuel and land area used (p value ≤ 0.000 and 0.009) for 21 IPI. Further analysis was conducted by Chi-Square and one-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests in the following with Null hypothesis. Based on obtained values was developed a diagram of weights values for industries individually.

Author(s):  Malek Hassanpour

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