Environmental Impact of Biogas-plant on Central Western Ghats in India

Renewable resources are promising energy resources that the mankind can rely upon. Due to its several advantages it is drawing attention in many countries. One of them is biogas which is particularly important in rural areas. The study was conducted rural areas in western ghats of Uttara kannada and Belagavi District in Karnataka state to evaluate impact of biogas plant in reducing dependency on forest tree species by displacing consumption of fuel wood, reduction in the usage of kerosene and liquid petroleum gas (LPG). It has positive environmental impact on rural areas of western ghats.

The assessed data revealed that biogas installation has reduced the dependency on fuel wood consumption by 64 per cent, kerosene by 81.48 per cent and Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) consumption by 56.84 per cent as compared to before. And also release of carbon dioxide (CO2) due to the combustion of fuel wood can be reduced, totally burden on plant species reduced that will help to increase the Biodiversity of plant species in addition to this the biogas slurry is mainly used as organic manure that replaces chemical fertilizers by reducing soil pollution and increasing soil fertility that boost up plant growth and development

Author(s): Hanumanthagouda Patil

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