Environmental Bioremediation of Industrial Effluent

Deaden the use of microorganisms or condense the concentration of hazardous waste contaminated plant is called biodegradation. Biological cleaning systems have a variety of applications such as decontamination of contaminated areas such as water, soil, sludge and flows. Rapid industrialization, urbanization, intensive agriculture and other human activities have led to land degradation, pollution and decrease crop productivity in all sectors of agriculture. Human activity has increased pressure on natural resources and has become a source of countless impurities. Several methods were designed and developed, but more often the process again produces secondary contamination, which again stood environment. Bioremediation appears to be effective and attractive tool to treat and recycle environment in an environmentally friendly manner. Bioremediation was used in many places around the world, with varying degrees of success.

Author(s): Shah Maulin P

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