Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is committed to maintain the best level of integrity within the content published in the journal.

Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is following International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) principles on the way to affect acts of misconduct thereby committing to research allegations of misconduct to make sure the integrity of research.

Responsible research publication: authors’ responsibilities

The research being reported in articles must be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner and must suits all relevant legislation. Authors must remember of and refrain from engaging in scientific misconduct and by breaching publishing ethics

Authors should present their results clearly, honestly, and without fabrication, falsification, or inappropriate data manipulation. The authors shall guarantee the originality of their material and should strive to explain their methods clearly and unambiguously in order that their findings are often confirmed by others.

Authors should provide appropriate authorship and acknowledgement. Authors must refrain from deliberately misrepresenting a scientist’s relationship with published work. All authors must have significantly contributed to the research. Contributors who have made fewer substantial contributions to the research or to the publication are often acknowledged but shouldnt be identified as authors.

Authors must tell the journal once they have an immediate or indirect conflict of interest with editors or members of the editorial board or International scientific committee.

Publication decision

Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology journal employs a double-blind review process. All contributions are going to be initially assessed by the editor. The editor is solely and independently liable for selecting, processing, and deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal meet the editorial goals and will thus be published. Each paper considered suitable is shipped to two independent peer reviewers who are experts in their field and ready to assess the precise qualities of the work. The editor is liable for the ultimate decision regarding whether the paper is accepted or rejected.

The decision to publish a paper will always be measured in accordance with its importance to researchers, practitioners, and potential readers. Editors should make unbiased decisions independent from commercial considerations.

The editor’s decisions and actions are constrained by ethical and legal requirements like its own governing infringement of copyright and plagiarism.

Editors who make final decisions about manuscripts should withdraw from editorial decisions if they need conflicts of interest or relationships that pose potential problems concerning articles into account. The responsibility of the ultimate decision regarding publication are going to be attributed to an editor who doesnt have any conflicts of interest.

Conflict of interest

The chief editor, members of the editorial board and scientific committee, and reviewers shall withdraw in any case of conflict of interest concerning an author or authors, or the content of a manuscript to be evaluated.

The Journal will avoid all conflict of interest between authors, reviewers, and members of the editorial board and International scientific committee.

Peer review

Each article submitted is the responsibility of one member of the editorial board or of the international scientific committee, who undertakes to have it evaluated by two peers who are experts in the field and who evaluate it anonymously.

Reviewed articles are treated confidentially by Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology editorial board members and reviewers.

Identifying and preventing misconduct

In no case shall a journal and members of the editorial board encourage misconduct of any kind or knowingly allow such misconduct to require place.

Members of the Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology editorial board shall attempt to prevent misconduct by informing authors and reviewers about the moral conduct required of them. Members of the editorial board, scientific committee, and reviewers are asked to remember of all kinds of misconduct to spot papers where research misconduct of any kind has or seems to possess occurred and affect the allegations accordingly.

Guidelines in case of retraction or corrections

Editors’ responsibilities

In case of misconduct, the Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology journal editor is responsible for resolving the issue. He or she can work in conjunction with the other co-editor, members of the editorial board, peer reviewers, and experts in the field.

Data access and retention

Where appropriate, Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology journal editors encourage authors to share the info that supports research publications. Research data refers to the results of observations or experimentation that validate research findings. Editors encourage authors to state the supply of their data during a data statement attached to the submitted article. With the info statement, authors are often transparent about the info they utilized in the article.

Responsible research publication: reviewers’ responsibilities

All reviewers must know and keep in mind the editorial policy and publication ethics and malpractice statement.

The Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology journal requires potential reviewers to have scientific expertise or significant work experience in a relevant field. They must have recently conducted research work and have acquired recognized expertise by their peers. Potential reviewers should provide personal and professional information which is accurate, and which gives a fair representation of their expertise.

All reviewers must likewise withdraw if they know they are unqualified to evaluate a manuscript, if they feel their evaluation of the material will not be objective, or if they understand themselves to be in a conflict of interest.

Reviewed articles are treated confidentially by reviewers and members of the editorial board and international scientific committee.

Reviewers should point out relevant published work which has not yet been cited in the reviewed material. If necessary, the editor may issue a correction request to this effect. Reviewers are asked to identify papers where research misconduct has or seems to have occurred and inform the editorial board, which will deal with each case accordingly.

Copyright, content originality, plagiarism, and reproduction:

The intellectual property and copyright on the original content of all scientific contributions shall remain with the authors. The authors grant, in exchange for publication in the Journal exclusive licensing of first publication, giving the Journal the right to produce and disseminate the contributions, whether collectively with other articles or individually, and in all media, forms known or to come.

The authors shall guarantee the originality of their material and shall not publish any text that would appear to contravene. Plagiarism and false or intentionally misleading declarations constitute behaviour that is at odds with the ethics of scientific publication; as such, they are deemed unacceptable.

No significant part of the article shall have been previously published either as an article or as a chapter or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

If the authors intend to reproduce their article in other publications or for any other purpose and by any means, they must obtain the written authorization of the editorial board.

Access, licensing, and archiving:

Articles are published in open access. There are no associated subscriptions or pay-per-view fees. All material is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology journal’s content is archived in several copies by open edition, a publisher of online, free-access books and journals longer published, open edition maintains free access and will continue to make all archives available online.

Confidentiality policy

The names of authors, reviewers, and collaborators along with the names of their organizations and institutional affiliations, which the Journal may record during its operations, shall remain confidential and shall not be used for any commercial or public ends beyond the signature of the articles published. However, this information may sometimes be required by government grant-giving bodies. The anonymity of the peer review selection shall be maintained when transmitting this information. A list of the names of authors, reviewers, and collaborators and the names of their organizations and institutional affiliations shall be sent with no explicit links between those named.

The Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology journal may use these lists for its own purposes of soliciting articles, collaboration, or other contributions, notably through occasional e-mails. Similarly, it will flag forthcoming issues.