Mycobacterium Tuberculosis-Microvesicles the Transporter of Proteins

In current circumstance Tuberculosis (TB) is a fundamental issue of mortality and dismalness which is achieved by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Late WHO report of 2015 declared TB as ruinous as HIV according to overall passing rate. M. tuberculosis is a convincing intracellular organism of alveolar macrophages of lungs where it resides inside phagosomes. M. tuberculosis can control blend among phagosome and lysosome due to these bacilli is obligated for hosing the maturation of phagosome which ensures its life expectancy. The initial step during bacterial infection is having microorganism joint effort what start by various antigenic proteins of M. tuberculosis. During tainting bacilli releases distinctive mycobacterial antigenic sections from phagosome in minimal membranous vesicles. These vesicles are carrying on as transporter or carrier of various hurtful proteins which control have immune system.


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