Drinking-Water Contaminated with Micro-Plastics

Micro Plastics (MPs) have been found in tap and bottled water in a variety of locales, according to scientists. On a worldwide basis, information on MP contamination in drinking water is currently scarce. Although there are significant disparities in reported MP concentrations, it is impossible to say whether MP content is higher in tap or bottled water. It is still unknown if these inconsistencies are due to variances in the analyzed systems or differences in quantification limits the accuracy of the used analytical methods, or contamination during collection, processing, and analysis. Furthermore, animal and cell toxicity investigations have yielded relatively little information on MP absorption and destiny. Comparable data from quality guaranteed and regulated methodologies, as well as further knowledge on the possible absorption and destiny of MPs in the human body, are still needed to set a limit of tolerance for plastic pollution in drinking water

Author(s): Jason Parker

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