Crystallization and Nanostructural Features of Metformin Drug an AFM-Investigations

Objective: Studying the impact of three different types of organic solvent namely toluene, methanol and acetone on the main crystallographic phase of metformin drug.
Methods: Calculations of solubilities rates accompanied with XRD analyses, plus accurate monitoring of metformin microstructural features as function of applied solvent of crystallization process.
Results: XRD analyses indicated that applied solvent has no impact on the crystal structure of metformin. The roughness of metformin surface’s were monitored by using high resolution SEM and AFM-microscope. Conclusion: Surface roughness plays an important role on dissolution rates process and consequently solvation rates. Enhancing or decreasing dissolution rates could be benefit in metformin drug industries

Author(s): Khaled M. Elsabawy

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