Conference Report on International Meet on Dentistry and Dental Sciences Congress

With great support from the Organizing Committee Members, Collaborators and various other partners, we successfully completed “International
Meet on Dentistry and Dental Sciences Congress” which was held at Amsterdam, Netherlands on July 13-14, 2020. We thank all our Organizing
Committee Members, keynote speakers, plenary speakers, young researchers, students, business delegates, media partners and exhibitors for
making World Dentistry 2020 a magnificent and victorious event.
International Dentistry 2020 witnessed a good no. of attendees coming from various parts of the globe and sharing their works, thoughts about
the current scenario in World Dentistry and Dental sciences. Deep insights and trends in Dentistry and Oral Healthcare were discussed among
the audience and it paved way for answering many untold questions for the participants and helped them gain vital knowledge in Dental Science.
Dentistry Conferences would like to thank the following people who drive this event to a successful one.

Author(s): Ahmed Atalla

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