Cone Beam CT and Digital Dental Guided Implantology

Three-dimensional imaging, particularly cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), has made significant contributions to the planning and placement of implants of missing tooth. The accuracy of CBCT data can be used to fabricate a surgical guide that transfers the implant planning information to the surgical site to facilitate implant placement. Prosthetically driven implant prosthesis assures good aesthetics, function and more importantly hygiene maintenance enabling long time success. Accuracy in treatment planning and implementation of planned treatment is vital for this success. Here we describe a method for applying CBCT data to aid in the planning and placement of implant using Cone Beam CT data. Biography: Mahendra Patait, eminent Oral Diagnostician and an outstanding Radiologist, completed his BDS from Government Dental College, Mumbai, and was conferred the degree of Masters in Dental Surgery in 2002. His academic excellence did not culminate here, and his unquenched thirst for knowledge prompted to secure Ph. D in Dental sciences. With the zeal for spreading knowledge, a passionate teache he has started his career as a lecturer in the year 2003 AT GDC. He is currently working as in charge, Professor, PG Guide & PhD Guide in one of the best Dental College hospital and Research Institute in India. He has to his credit more than 50 publications in various national and international journals, on intriguing topics such as 3D Vision of Dentistry â?? CBCT. He is the First PhD in Maxillofacial Radiologist in Imaging Guided Implantology efficiently runs an Exclusive 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography Diagnostic Centre in Nashik. His never ending enthusiasm and a keen interest in Dental Imaging In General and In 3D Application Dental CBCT Particular has seen in delivered multiple lectures National Level specially as Key note speaker at IAOMR conference and PG conventions, Guest Speaker at State IDA conference MSDC-2013 and For general practitioners at various branches of IDA And honored to be International speaker at 8th International Conference of Dental Imaging â??CAD/CAM in Dentistry at Dubai,UAE. After Completing Training in Germany, on ADVANCES IN DENTAL IMAGING, has been appointed as SPECIALISED CERTIFIED CBCT TRAINER, from India by Sirona dental Academy. Recently He has been appointed as Course Director in Digital Aesthetic Dentistry and FMR at UJI Universities of Spain

Author(s): Mahendra R. Patait

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