Cardiovascular Disease and Its Determinants: Public Health Issue

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the leading cause of deaths and its incidence is rapidly increasing in every region of the world. It remains a major threat to the modern society. In 2008, more than 17 million people died from CVD, and more than three millions of these deaths occurred before the age of 60 years that could be prevented. The Global Burden of Disease Study (2013) estimated that almost 30% of all deaths worldwide were caused by CVD. At present, CVD prevention becomes a major issue for world health, and the burden and risk factors remain alarmingly high. The magnitude of CVD continues to accelerate globally as a result of increasing various risk factors or determinants but these can be controlled, modified, and treated if certain steps can be taken and followed. Moreover, increased incidence of chronic diseases including CVD is one of the most important challenges for the health system throughout the countries. CVD is largely preventable if populationwide measures and access to individual health care become possible for the people. In this paper, I will discuss the CVD, its prevalence, critically identify and analyze the determinants of the cardiovascular disease, followed by multidisciplinary team or care management approach and ends with recommendation and conclusion.

Author(s): Santosh Kumar

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