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Ayurveda view of prevention aspects of diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a common disease in the world. It is estimated that over 30 million people are already caught with diabetes, and 10.4 million diabetics are not aware of the existing disease. Diabetes prevalence has increased steadily in the last half of this century and will continue rising among world population. It is believed to be one of the main criterions for deaths in world; every year. Main utility of the Āyurveda science is to help maintain the health of a healthy individual and cure of diseases of patient. In Āyurveda, diabetes is known as ‘Prameha’ which means profuse urination. It is also believed that increased kapha blocks the channel of the urinary system and pancreas and is responsible for producing low tissue fire or mandha-dhatuagni which results in malformation of all the tissue in body. According to Āyurvedic view all causative factors of diabetes could be categorized under two main factors, mean foods and behavioral. Caraka Ācārya has explained all facts in briefly, Indulging in sitting on soft cushions for long periods, sleeping for long hours, use of curds, fresh grains, puddings made of jiggery/sugar and all other similar factors which bring about increase of Kapha in the body are causes for diabetes. According to Āyurveda view Kapha causes Premehas by affecting Medas (lipid metabolism), muscles and body fluid situated in urinary bladder.This paper summarizes Āyurveda evidence supporting to prevent diabetes and discusses major policy challenges to broad implementation of lifestyle intervention in the health system
Author(s): S. P. Molligoda

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