Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi as Bridge between Plants, Soils and Human

The main aim of this review is to provide the roles of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as bridge between plants, soils and humans, in general and specifically in ecosystem, comparing with current research trends and to indicate future benefits of plants to acclimatize from biotic (insect and disease) and abiotic (drought, Salinity, heavy metals, nutrition and temperature) stress investigations. This paper reviewed that application of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under optimum condition is bridge between plants, soils and humans, which may help to maximizing crop yield and human nutrition by against biotic and abiotic stress. These abiotic and biotic stresses have been the major bottlenecks of crops production and productivity; since the crop has a very stunted growth that requires the roles of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. They provide direct or indirect interconnection among the soil systems, plant roots and humans through transferring and exchange of nutrient, soil remediation, pest control and improving plant and human nutrition quality. Most people in the world are awareness the bridge roles of this fungi, which symbiotic relationships with more than 80% of plant species; but they are seldom able to apply them. However, there was an opportunity to increase crop yields and human nutrition quality through reduce the stresses. Therefore, AM fungi was the bridge between roots, soil and humans to increase both yield potential and quality of crop, human nutrition and sustainable environment-friendship and agricultural production.

Author(s): Daniel Keskse*

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