Application of laser in medicine (treatment and diagnosis)

In the name of Creator of Light

Laser is a technology used in various medical fields.

After the revolution, Penny Celine has been in the medicine of this laser, which has revolutionized medicine

I have studied and studied laser applications in medical sciences, and I have been able to get the right information in this area.

1. Application of laser in drug delivery of cancer tissue: Using a laser and a method for making drugs with nanoparticles, we can use the laser wavelength and appropriate selection of drugs and nanoparticles to target tissues that are used in drug delivery. People with cancer have an important role in minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy

2. Application of Lasers to Improve Endocrine Activity: By using appropriate wavelength lasers and energy, we can influence the process of recovery of the activity of the glands, which is used to improve the thyroid gland, pancreas and saliva.

3. Application of laser in lowering blood pressure: Using low-level lasers can be treated intraarticular and topically in the process of reducing blood pressure.

4. Laser application in blood cell proliferation: We can play an important role in laboratory culture using laser light and proper wavelength in the process of white blood cell proliferation, red blood cells, and platelets. This process is important in patients with over-the-counter It will play an important role.

5. Laser application in the treatment of depression: This method will be performed using appropriate light and energy

6-Application of Lasers in Acupuncture: Using a low-power laser and appropriate acupuncture points, we can treat the following illnesses.

1 - Obesity 2 - Depression 3 - Impotence - Muscle pain 5 - Paralysis

7. Application of laser in preventing ulcers in chemotherapy patients

8. Application of laser in wound healing of diabetic people

9-Laser application in the treatment of fungus nails with specific color and appropriate laser length

10. Making laser machine for diagnosis as soon as possible

All of these projects will be an important contribution to the recovery of patients and will promote the development of laser medical science. I now need research opportunities and scholarships.

Author(s): Ehsan Kamani

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