An Insight on salivary biomarkers for oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the major public health concerns with 1-2% of all types of cancers worldwide. The 90% of oral cancer issues have been increased due to smoking and alcohol consumption all over the world. The major hindrance is that the most of the oral cancer patients undergo diagnosis at the advanced clinical stages, i.e., III and IV stages. Due to the delayed diagnosis, the morbidity rate is potentially high with minimum of 5 year survival rate in 20-25% of the patients. Cancerous tumors exhibit various biological characteristics at the most similar stages of development because of which detection of cancer hits a lag. Hence, there is an utmost need for the development of effective biological markers that can diagnose the condition at earlier stages. This paper is a review giving details on the biomarkers available for oral cancer diagnosis through noninvasive approach using saliva.

Author(s): Nidarsh D Hegde, Mithra N Hegde and Priya G

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