Adolescent mental health and basic common disorders

To conclude, child and adolescent mental health is a shared responsibility. For any interventions to be effective, there is a need for synergy between different stakeholders. Adolescents having mental health problems and disorders, need to have access to timely, integrated, high-quality, multi-disciplinary mental health services to ensure effective assessment, treatment, and support. The preservation and promotion of mental health in the young population have conventionally been viewed as an individual or family responsibility; however, it is important to emphasize it at a much broader level. There is a need to promote the concept of positive health with public health approaches including expansion of the community services for mental disorders. There is an urgent need to explore newer models of service delivery apart from standard models of hospital-based care. The newer service delivery models should incorporate cross-cultural, multilingual, and multiregional requirements. A positive step in this direction could be the formulation of mental health policy specifically for the younger population to provide a developmental framework to enhance adolescent mental health.

Author(s): Shreya Pandey

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