Accelerated Orthodontics–An overview

Orthodontic treatment is the reorganization of skeletal and/or dental tissues. Prolonged treatment duration is one of the main concerns of patients undergoing with fixed orthodontics. This extended orthodontic treatment in such particular cases has several drawbacks to the patients such as increased predisposition to root resorption, dental caries and gingival recession, etc. Consequently, researchers introduced few methods to accelerate the velocity of the tooth movement without any drawbacks. These kind of methods used in orthodontics were popular as accelerated orthodontics. Accelerated orthodontics could be possible by mechanical stimulation or device assisted therapy, surgical therapy and by the use of pharmacological agents. The purpose of the present manuscript was to describe and evaluate the methods used in accelerated orthodontics.

Author(s): Unnam D, Singaraju GS, Mandava P, Reddy GV, Mallineni SK and Nuvvula S

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