A Study on the Effects of Walnut oil on Plasma Levels of Testosterone Pre and Post Puberty in Male Rats

As there is little knowledge about the impact of walnut oil on the physiology of the animals' reproductive system ,and considering the fact that walnut oil contains a high proportion of some important unsaturated fatty acids including alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and Omega-3 , the present study aimed to investigate the possible effects of walnut oil on plasma levels of testosterone pre and post puberty in male wistar rats.
Materials and Methods:

In this experimental study, 48 male wistar rats were randomly divided into two groups of pre and post puberty. Then each group was divided into three sub groups of control, sham and experimental, each of which with 8 animals. Walnut oil was administrated by gavage at a dose of 20 mg/ kg daily at the specified time (10 am) for 30 days. Blood samples were obtained by cutting off the tail and plasma levels were measured by using a radioimmunoassay method (RIA).
In the groups receiving walnut oil in the pre-puberty period, testosterone levels significantly increased (P <0.05). In the groups receiving walnut oil post puberty, testosterone levels significantly increased, too (P <0.01).A significant difference between pre puberty and post puberty groups was observed. (P <0.001) Conclusion:
This study showed that walnut oil had stimulating effects on the male reproductive system and could increase plasma testosterone levels by influencing the pituitary - testicular axis.

Author(s): Motahareh Bostani, Haidar Aqababa, Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini, Saeed Changizi Ashtiyani

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