A Study on Reservoirs and Intended Purposes in Susehri, Sivas, Turkey

A reservoir is defined as an open air storage area where water is collected and kept in quantity so that it may be drawn off for use. Reservoirs have important functions such as collecting water, raising water level and creating large water surface. Reservoirs are significant hydrologic properties affecting numerous aspects of the aquatic ecosystem. This study was carried out to determine the intended purposes of reservoirs in Susehri. The region is named as Susehri due to its richness in terms of water resources. There are two reservoirs in Susehri, which are Kilickaya Reservoir and Camligoze Reservoir on the Kelkit Stream. These reservoirs have a wide variety of purposes and functions. They are intended to use in hydroelectric energy production and rainbow trout culture occupies an important place in Susehri. Natural resource management requires a holistic approach to Kilickaya and Camligoze Reservoirs of ecosystems.

Author(s): Seher Dirican

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