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In the last decade much effort has been introduced into treating toxic acute kidney injury with novel mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) approaches. Inflammation is known to play a crucial role in cisplatin induced acute kidney injury, were the inflammatory pathways were shown to be predominantly driven by T lymphocytes. However, most preclinical studies of stem cell xenotransplantation are performed on severe complex immunodeficiency animals lacking innate and adaptive immunity responses, therfore markedly altering the real inflammatory state of the diseased and influencing natural course of illness. MSC were shown to have a great therapeutic potential in many disorders, where, it is not known whether those are equally effective in immunocompetent and immunocompromised microenvironment. Antithymocyte immunoglobulin is a polyclonal antibody preparation with multiple effects on immune system with preferential influence on peripheral T cell depletion. This drug enables dose dependantimmunosupression, therefore allowing verification of the hypothesis that therapeutic functions and immuneregulatory properties of MSC are largerly affected by immunologic microenvironment and contribute to regeneration of kidney injury predominantly, when introduced in the non-inflammatory niche.

Here we describe the diagnostic and treatment challenge in a patient with unrecognized sub-acute bacterial endocarditis associated with ANCA-PR3 immuno complex proliferative and crescentic glomerulonephritis. In patients with ANCA-PR3 immuno complex glomerulonephritis and other overlapping manifestations suggesting systemic disease, it is important to recognize and aggressively treat any possible coexisting bacterial endocarditis, This is the most important step for a favorable patient outcome, including complete clinical and pathohistological resolution of the glomerulonephritis.


Biography :

ŽeljkaVečerić-Haler works as a Medical Doctor, specialist of Nephrology at Nephrology department, University Medical Centre, Ljubljana. As a Nephrologist, she is faced with numerous challenges from the field of Nephrology on daily basis and is specially oriented in the fields of kidney transplantation, regenerative medicine and substitutive therapies of acute and end stage kidney failure. She has completed her PhD from University of Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine in 2016 and her thesis is revealing impact of immunological environment on the behavior and functions of transplanted stem cells. Her interests of research involve studies on stem cell transplantation for regeneration of kidney injury and immune tolerance in kidney transplantation.

As a Nephrologist, she faces numerous challenges from the field of Regenerative Medicine on daily basis. She has completed her PhD from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine in 2016. Her research interests include studies on stem cell transplantation she is also interested in doing research in some topics like cell Biology, cell culture, Tissue Engineering, Stem Cell Research etc.

In this conference they discussed about microarray technology, it was demonstrated that cisplatin affects numerous genes that are involved in various functions in the kidney, such as biochemical pathways related to creatinine biosynthesis, osmoregulation, kinase signaling, cell cycle-related genes, renal transporters, renal injury, regenerative responses, gene therapy, cell therapy, cell biology.

I have attended the conference on March 20-22, 2017 Orlando, USA. It was a tremendous experience for gaining knowledge on pharmaceutical industry. It was a good opportunity for me to learn key notes, and experience the wide range of products in pharmaceutical industry. The main advantage of attending the pharmaceutical exhibition’s and expos is you get to hear some great professor’s from different countries talking on wide range of products. I even got a chance to hear some of the great People who own leading pharmaceutical industry’s around the globe talking on products they manufacture and marketing strategies. For an easy understanding of different aspects in the pharmaceutical industry, there were some stalls in the expos who displayed poster presentations. These posters helped me to understand various procedures in manufacturing and selling of products.

Conference was held for two days and it was really nice and we enjoyed a lot and we even met many people all around world gained so much of knowledge.


Attending an expo was a new experience all together. Speaking of the venue, as everyone knows Rome is a beautiful country to begin with. As I registered online for the expo, I got the access badge and the schedule of 2 days in the mail. On reaching the venue, there was huge welcoming ceremony and everything was just going on time as mentioned in the schedule. On first day, there was welcome speech and details of the companies exhibiting. It took me a bit longer to attend each stall because we had to get introduced to every company exhibiting and in return they had to explain everyone from the start of their company. It was a great opportunity to get introduced to many people from different countries and gaining knowledge and exchanging ideas. By talking to people from different countries, I could get information on Pharmaceutical products and industries of their countries. Second day, there were lot of conferences and every program was on time as mentioned in the schedule. Only negative thing for me was the costing of the entry ticket to the expo. It would be great if the price was affordable which gives many others a good opportunity to gain knowledge.

I thank the expo for giving me an opportunity to speak in front of delegates and many other people from pharmaceuticals industry all over the world. I thank everyone for giving good reviews and testimonials for my talk. It was really a great experience for me to attend this two day conference and I enjoyed all the talks at the conference venue and gained lot of knowledge. I am also interested in attending more and more conference of conference series in future. I also suggest young students to attend the conferences organized by conference series to gain knowledge from the talks that speaker’s present. I met colleagues with varying levels of experience in the field of Stem cell therapy and gene therapy.

Author(s): ZeljkaVeceric

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