State of Art of the French Telemedicine Projects in the Field of Chronic Heart Failure

Background: This is a narrative short review of the literature pertaining to telemedicine projects developed in the field of chronic heart failure (CHF), with special attention to the French projects.

Results: Numerous telemedicine projects, based on connected objects or information and communication technology (ICT), have emerged over the last five years or are under development in the field of CHF. This is the case of the telemedicine projects: SCAD, OSICAT, PIMS, MEDICA and E-care. The E-care project is a French telemonitoring project of new generation. This project support patients returning home after hospital. It fits perfectly within the framework of telemedicine 2.0 projects, including for the first time artificial intelligence (AI). This project has been specifically designed to automatically detect situations at risk for CHF. The potential contribution of these French projects (OSICAT, Ecare) is currently under study or documentation, especially in terms of mortality or morbidity, in addition to number of hospitalizations avoided, or economic benefits.

Author(s): E Andres*, S Talha, M Hajjam and A Hajjam

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