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Influence of Commonly used Manures on the Growth and Nutrient Composition of Periphyton

A 90 day experiment was conducted in out-door, soil-based (10 cm), cement tanks to evaluate the effect of three manures viz. cattle dung, poultry manure and press mud provided at iso-nitrogenous levels, on the growth and nutrient composition of periphyton grown on sugarcane bagasse. Water quality analysis revealed that tanks applied with cattle dung recorded lower (P>0.05) pH and those with poultry manure showed higher (P>0.05) phosphate content. Total pigment content and biomass of periphyton (dry matter) and plankton (dry weight) showed higher values in poultry manure treatment. Press mud treatment recorded lower plankton dry matter. Crude protein and fat contents were higher (P<0.05) in periphyton from poultry manure treatment. Other proximate composition parameters showed no difference (P>0.05) among periphyton from different treatments. The proximate composition of plankton also showed higher crude protein, fibre and ash values in poultry manure. The study revealed that poultry manure is superior to cattle dung and press mud, considering the total pigment content, biomass and crude protein content of periphyton and plankton biomass.

Author(s): Gangadhar B, Umalatha H, Hegde G, Vasundhara R and Sridhar N

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