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Elastofibroma Dorsi of the Lateral Chest Wall Deep to Serratus Anterior and Latissimus Dorsi Muscles: A Case Report

Elastofibroma dorsi (EFD) is a rare benign soft tissue tumor composed of collagen and elastic fibers, often asymptomatic and non-painful mobile mass in the back. It can also present as a painful swelled mass causing discomfort and snapping of the scapula. Our case is a 49- year-old female patient with a typical presentation of non-painful 10 cm mass in the subscapular area, with no other symptoms, discovered by incident. Imaging and biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of EFD; the tumor was excised through the Posterolateral Thoracotomy Approach with no significant complications. Currently, there are no specific guidelines for excision of EFD, yet it is advised to excise surgically whenever the mass exceeds 10 cm. It is also recommended to do the latter for symptomatic relief or for esthetic reasons. Close follow up must be done for a possible hematoma formation or recurrence of the tumor.

Author(s): Joseph Maalouly*, Dany Aouad, Hicham Abdel Nour, Rami Ayoubi, Joseph Wehbi and Ralph Jalbout

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