Can Transforming Growth Factor Beta Affect Breast Cancer by Targeting MicroRNA 195?

Background: Breast cancer is commonest non-skin cancer and is the second cause of cancer death in women. miRNA-195 is a tumor suppressor that is downregulated in many cancers. TGF-β is an inflammatory cytokine that stimulates or inhibits miRNA maturation.

Aim: Detect level of miRNA-195 in metastatic & non-metastatic breast cancer patients and study its role in tumorigenesis of breast cancer via possible association with the inflammatory cytokine, TGF-β.

Methods: Expression of miRNA-195 and level of TGF-β were detected in 60 breast cancer female patients and 20 controls using quantitative real-time PCR and ELISA respectively.

Results: MiRNA-195 expression was significantly lower while TGF-β level was significantly higher in metastatic cancer patients compared to non-metastatic patients and healthy controls. Negative correlation was found between miRNA-195 expression and TGF-β in breast cancer patients.

Conclusion: MiRNA-195 may play role as tumor suppressor of breast cancer, particularly in metastatic group, may be through TGF-β signaling.

Author(s): Ghada Mahmoud Abd El – Aziz, Mahmoud Mohamed Kamel, Marwa Alkaffas, Ebtehal Gamal Abdelhady and Laila Ahmed Rashed

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