Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants have long been used in ancient medication and worldwide ethnomedicine. This chapter presents a glimpse of the present standing of and future trends in healthful plant genetics, evolution, and biological process. These dynamic fields ar at the intersection of phytochemistry and plant biology and are involved with evolution mechanisms and science of healthful plant genomes, origin and evolution of plant genotype and metabolic makeup, interaction between healthful plant genomes and setting, and correlation between genomic diversity and matter diversity, etc. The uses of the rising high-end genomic technologies are often swollen from crop plants to ancient healthful plants to expedite the healthful plant breeding and remodel them to the living works of healthful compounds.


Medicinal plants, additionally known as healthful herbs, are discovered and employed in ancient medication practices since prehistoric times. Plants synthesize many chemical compounds for functions together with defence against insects, fungi, diseases, and anthophagous mammals. The utility of molecular biological process and phylogenomics in predicting chemodiversity and bioprospecting is additionally highlighted among the context of natural product-based drug discovery and development. The representative case studies of healthful plant ordination, phylogeny, and evolution are summarized to exemplify the growth of information pedigree

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