Targeted Therapy

Treating cancer and/or its metastasis by obstructing a specific biomolecular or cytological pathway, exclusive to the cancer cells, is defined as targeted therapy. Since, most of the conventional modes of cancer treatment focus on just inhibiting the rapid growth and division of cancer cells without targeting any specific key factor, their therapeutic efficiency is compromised. In most cases this can be attributed to the simultaneous nonspecific side effects caused by the chemotherapeutic agents or exposure to high energy radiations. Conversely, the targeted therapy is aimed to impair the expression or function of already identified molecule that may be responsible for carcinogenesis. This novel approach may involve formulation and application of specifically designed biopharmaceuticals or nano-engineered enzymes. It has been proposed that targeted therapy is quite possibly the future of onco-therapy that may one day help in complete elimination of cancer cells from the body.

Journals related to Targeted Therapy

Cancer Biology and Therapeutic Oncology, Journal of Integrative Oncology, Cancer Treatment Reviews, Pediatrics & Therapeutics, British Biomedical Bulletin, Journal of Imaging and Interventional Radiology, Immunotherapy: Open Access

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