Stem-cell Transplant

A stem cell transplant is prescribed as a treatment for some cancer types; it is also used to treat certain blood disorders. Previously, stem-cell transplants were referred to as “bone marrow transplants”, as the stem cells were harvested from the bone marrow. Today, stem cells are harvested from the blood instead of the bone marrow, and are therefore termed stem cell transplants. Stem cell transplantation involves administration of large doses of chemo or radiotherapy in order to eliminate cancer in the bone marrow, and then restoring the normal blood cell production, by replacing the unhealthy blood cells with healthy ones. There are five main types of stem-cell transplants: (1) Autologous transplantation, (2) Allogeneic transplantation, (3) Umbilical cord blood transplant, (4) Haplotype mismatched transplantation, and (5) Reduced-intensity stem cell transplantation.

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