Ophthalmic Surgery

Ophthalmic surgery, known as ocular surgery, done at the eye. Laser eye surgery or laser corneal surgery is the process that laser expenditure on the surface of the eye is accomplishing. This technique is used for treating disorders such as myopia, hypermetopic and astigmatism. Glaucoma means increased eye or nervous system present in the eye resulting in loss of vision and this is well understood as increased intro-ocular pressure. Ophthalmologist specializes in the treatment of all eye conditions. An ophthalmologist performs eye surgery, and ophthalmologists will distinguish multiple problems. Canaloplasty is a form of enhancing the drainage from the eyes by non-penetrating operation. Anterior vasectomy is the removal of the front portion of the eye to minimize intraocular pressure and can be used to treat vitreous failure before or after treatment for corneal cataract.


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