Oncology Therapy

Methods and practices that may directly or indirectly help in the treatment of cancer are categorized as oncology therapy. The multifactorial etiology and symptomatic manifestation of cancer necessitates the administration of multidimensional treatment methods, either alone or in combination. The most important types of oncology therapy include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical excision of the tumour, immunotherapy and/or alternative medicines. It is difficult to say which one of these types of therapy is most preferable and effective. Hence, the physician may choose to apply one or a combination of therapies depending upon the nature and stage of the disease. The applicability as well as affectivity of most of these therapies is limited due to their non-specific response and side effects that hamper the normal functioning of healthy cells. In order to overcome these discrepancies scientists have been working on the development of highly specific nanotechnology based targeted therapy.

Journals related to Oncology Therapy

Journal of Bimolecular Research & Therapeutics, Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy, Archives of Surgical Oncology, International Journal of Inflammation, Cancer and Integrative Therapy, Chemotherapy Journal, Radiology Journals

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